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The return of the Pink Panther Theme

The Pink Panther strikes back!!

This is the background story of my latest video.

As always, it all started with the audio. I began working on the vocal tracks back in January, but I soon encountered several issues: since I was singing without a written score, and the goal was achieving something that sounded a bit like Bobby-McFerrin-style, finding the right timing, key, and adapting the whole to my vocal range was no piece of cake.
So I had to make several attempts before I finally found some balance, and at the end I came out with a version I was (almost) satisfied with.

Then came the visual part of the project. The hardest, and longest, for me.
For the first time, I started putting down the ideas on paper before I even thought of opening any video editor. And I must say it proved to be a good decision. After finding a satisfying layout, and when I was finally convinced of the total foolishness of the plot, I took out my Panasonic FZ8, recorded a few video tracks, and then started editing.

So this is it. I must say it was quite fun to work on this, and maybe it has given me some more ideas I might develop in the future.



new video – Nada te turbe

I finally posted another video on my YouTube channel.
I was very involved in this project, and I was unsure about its public release, since the music is related to a “fallen angel”, a dear person that had to leave us way too soon…  I’m still missing him so much.

The music was originally written by Jacques Berthier, based on a spanish text by Saint Teresa of Avila (1515-1582).
I learned it without scores, simply playing along with people that went to Taizè with our “fallen angel”. One night, when I got back home, I started playing it, and I was so involved that I decided to record it, and add voices, some synth, and a second guitar.

Laying down the music was quite easy but… then came the video editing! Ouch!!
Due to technical problems (wrong codecs, wrong configuration, old ‘n’ slow pc…) and missing skills (I love editing, but I’m still deeply stuck in the learning process!), I must say that it took me soooooooo long to finish it!

Anyway, here’s the result.
Enjoy it