I never thought of being perfect.

But I was somehow convinced that I was walking on the right side of the street.
I was behaving correctly, my ability to judge things and people was mainly unaltered, my goals and choices were going in the best direction possible. Not that I thought I was faultless, oh no, I never really thought that, but I was still convinced that my overall direction was good.

But is it?

Are my choices really that good?

The parameters I use, when I judge something or someone, are correct and good enough?

I think the hardest thing of all is realizing AND admitting our own faults and limits, is admitting that, after all, I might not be that different from the people I consider “not-good-enough”, or admitting that I might be using my personal version of the truth to convince me I’m doing good…

I don’t know if my words have any sense for you… anyway,┬áthis is how I feel in these days.