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What a mess…

it's a mess...

I have been looking at this blog from a “reader” point of view, and… oh my goodness, what a mess!!!!

I keep changing topics: one day I post computer stuff, like howto’s and tech tips, then I skip over and talk about music, then again I whine and whimper with my personal thoughts…

There is no overall direction, no central thread, no main subject… posts are pretty much unrelated, a bunch of disconnected thoughts that simply happen to meet in this common container.

But, if I stop long enough to think about it, I must admit that this should be no real surprise.

This is exactly how I am.
This is truly how my current life looks like: a cluster of unrelated events that clog up my days and make me skip constantly between my job, my passions, my duties, my worries and my ideas…

No, this blog is not just a mess… it’s a faithful picture of my life.


Practicing vs. Performing


Metronomic (Photo credit: MacUK)

I have heard many times words on the importance of good practice, and how you should always remember that every note, every single passage or musical phrase has it’s own importance and life, and how you should always try and connect everything to capture the full vision of what you’re playing, without substantial differences between practice and performance.

Well, I found that Joshua Roman has a very interesting point of view on this subject: read his full post here