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Health talk @ CodePen Blog

A very interesting podcast about staying (at least trying to stay) healthy while being a tech worker.

My favourite quotes:

Working two jobs is usually terrible for your health

What you eat affects your health and mood in a bigger way than going to the gym does. You can’t compete with what you eat.

Get as much sleep as you need. Be consistent about your sleeping schedule if you can

Don’t rely on willpower. Use planning instead.

You will have bad days. Don’t give up.

Want to listen to the whole podcast? Her’s the link: 037: Health – CodePen Blog.


What a mess…

it's a mess...

I have been looking at this blog from a “reader” point of view, and… oh my goodness, what a mess!!!!

I keep changing topics: one day I post computer stuff, like howto’s and tech tips, then I skip over and talk about music, then again I whine and whimper with my personal thoughts…

There is no overall direction, no central thread, no main subject… posts are pretty much unrelated, a bunch of disconnected thoughts that simply happen to meet in this common container.

But, if I stop long enough to think about it, I must admit that this should be no real surprise.

This is exactly how I am.
This is truly how my current life looks like: a cluster of unrelated events that clog up my days and make me skip constantly between my job, my passions, my duties, my worries and my ideas…

No, this blog is not just a mess… it’s a faithful picture of my life.

The hardest thing

I never thought of being perfect.

But I was somehow convinced that I was walking on the right side of the street.
I was behaving correctly, my ability to judge things and people was mainly unaltered, my goals and choices were going in the best direction possible. Not that I thought I was faultless, oh no, I never really thought that, but I was still convinced that my overall direction was good.

But is it?

Are my choices really that good?

The parameters I use, when I judge something or someone, are correct and good enough?

I think the hardest thing of all is realizing AND admitting our own faults and limits, is admitting that, after all, I might not be that different from the people I consider “not-good-enough”, or admitting that I might be using my personal version of the truth to convince me I’m doing good…

I don’t know if my words have any sense for you… anyway, this is how I feel in these days.